Why hire a melbourne dj and MC for your event

Why hire us as your event DJ & MC ? Nearly everyone realises that the quality of the entertainment will determine the event’s success. Now, you will ALWAYS be able to find a “good price” DJ & MC in Melbourne but more importantly the question should be: What is the value of the entertainment you will receive? You only get one chance to make the right decision. I assume you have never hired a DJ or MC. Here are our 5 reasons why you should choose Weddings Parties Entertainment to look after all your entertainment needs. 

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Firstly let me declare my bias, I’m Michael King, Founder and leading Wedding DJ & MC from Melbourne’s Weddings Parties Entertainment. I have the experience of performing at over 1000 live events under my belt, ranging from weddings, engagements, corporate functions, Christmas parties, all the way through to birthday parties, sporting presentations, and trivia nights. I also have over two decades experience as an on-air radio announcer, both here in Melbourne and across Australia.  During this time, I have had the pleasure of working for amazing clients, and with venues, celebrants, event planners, photographers and the myriad of other service providers, not to mention my super talented team to achieve one simple goal – to give our clients the most enjoyable and memorable event, that they will remember for years to come.

The one thing that I’ve learnt that there is no template or cookie cutter model that defines a successful event For example, some clients are very restrictive in what they will let you play. Some even implement a “no request policy” and want the focus to be all about them, while others have very eclectic tastes. It is this unpredictability that is the reason of why I love and am completely passionate about the Entertainment industry. It is what makes DJing so much fun, but also challenging to me all at the same time. Every client is different and has a gambit of differing musical tastes. Even though my clients all vary in personality and music demands, I approach each and every event with a consistent level of passion, vigour and professionalism.


This brings me to the #1 reason why you should hire us. 

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Style & Personality – Your DJ & MC will set the tone for your event, meaning style and personality do matter. It is vital that instead of just getting a quote via email, you meet the people who will be responsible for creating the right vibe, by playing the right music and when, as well as having a hosting personality that matches your personality and that of your guests.


Our relationship starts with you from the moment you make a tentative booking, and starts by meetings you, either in person, or by Skype, at a mutually agreed time. During these meetings, our aim is to get to know you our client, (and vice versa) on what and how you envisage your event. From these conversations we work out exactly how to create the perfect event that will keep your guests engaged during both the early part of the night and on the dance floor when our lights take over and it’s time to party!

Reason #2

The ability of our event (and admin) team to communicate and articulate things with you, your guests and your vendors. Firstly our admin team ensure all of your timelines, special songs and moments are covered off, (we would never introduce you by the wrong name, or play the wrong song for the first dance!!. Also, The last thing you want when you are about to cut the cake is to find your parents aren’t in the room, or your photographer has rushed out to the car just as your about to start your first dance! We know how important these things are to you. It is part of our role to ensure the right people are in the room for those special moments,


Reason # 3

Unlike other providers, our entertainment team is booked for only ONE EVENT PER DAY. Our clients invest their hard earned money in our services. As a result, we believe that our clients expect and deserve nothing less than a focused and alert MC & DJ for their event. This expectation we take very seriously, and we pride ourselves on being able to, at a minimum, deliver on that expectation, and strive to exceed our clients expectations!


Even before we arrive at your venue we have spent hours planning (with your input), your special moments, music playlists, timelines, which are communicated with you, your venue and your other suppliers to make sure we give our couples all 100% of our skills and experience.

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Reason # 4

Our professional MC’s have polished, warm and engaging voices, whose sole aim is to make your event a success. They can make as many, or as few announcements as you would like. Our DJs stay out of your limelight, but make sure that the focus is solely on you during your event, be it a birthday, engagement, wedding, or whatever.  There is no need for us to walk out on the dance floor and teach you how to boogie, dab or nutbush!  After all, you have paid your DJ to play the hits, and we sincerely believe the music playlist we produce together will be the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Reason # 5

Our clients genuine sentiment shows up in our reviews. When you engage the Weddings Parties Entertainment team, the process of creating the ultimate event begins as soon as we give you access to our exclusive entertainment portal, where you can log in and access thousands of songs and begin to pick and choose what you WANT to hear.

Keeping the focus on our clients is rare in our industry, especially in Melbourne right now among wedding DJs. More importantly, brides and grooms can’t get enough of the fact that they will have the entire team at their disposal throughout the entire process from the time of booking until their night concludes.  This is a strong selling point to brides and grooms who are planning a destination wedding to Melbourne. Simply put, there will be NO SURPRISE with us

If all of this sounds good to you, we look forward to meeting you and can not wait to be a part of your special day. There is nothing more exciting to us than sitting down in front of a newly engaged couple and seeing that glow in their eyes as they begin to talk music, and smile at each other – especially when starting the conversation about what their first dance song might be and how the photos may look with our indoor fireworksdry iceconfetti cannons or smoke effects. Be sure to check out our recent photos here

Choosing the right MC & DJ is extremely important to the success of your event. You want your guests to remember the day for decades and for that to happen, you need to hire a MC & DJ who is professional and polished in every aspect.

 If you have more questions, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.


If you feel like we are a good match, then simply contact us to check our availability, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

The last thing you want is to find that a “good price” DJ is the worst money you have ever saved. Remember you have one chance.

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