Introducing the Weddings Parties Entertainment Performance team

We are delighted to introduce our team of DJs, MCs & Mirror Booth consultants.    We are proud to say that we have the highest service and performance expectations of our staff, and our team are personally hand-picked as the very BEST in Melbourne and have many years of experience in the Wedding Industry. 

Each one of us has a vision of the perfect event. We will make your vision become reality and plan the event to your heart’s desire. Our team will work with you every step of the way in the lead up to your event. Their award winning expertise, experience and advice is available to you 24/7.

Michael King

Wedding DJ & MC
the boss

Michael is the principal of Weddings Parties Entertainment is a multi award winning Event DJ with 30 years of radio and mobile DJ experience. Working with some of Australia’s most respected and well known companies, he has seen it all, performing at 1000’s of functions.

Michael shot to prominence in the late 80s as a young, talented and ambitious radio personality, hosting the flagship Top 40 Countdown show in regional NSW. He was soon the Blue Light Disco DJ all the kids wanted! Michael so impressed his audience – and radio management – that he was soon hosting the station’s Friday Saturday night request shows too. Often these programs would broadcast from private parties, Michael thrived in this live, party atmosphere. For the last decade, operating as “Deejay Mickeyk” – Michael’s experience


in Melbourne has also seen him achieve exemplary levels along with some of Melbourne great entertainers. Michael has entertained thousands of people at thousands of functions in multiple states across Australia. Michael is a powerful performer and stands on his reputation to deliver the night of your dreams!


Juanita Marquis

mirror booth operator

Juanita is the operations manager for Weddings Parties Entertainment.

She is the senior Mirror Booth attendant with a passion for creating individual overlays and animations. She’s always looking at increasing our range of frames, backdrops and Mirror Booth options. Juanita enjoys helping the guests enjoy there night and makes sure the Booths run smoothly

Paul Anthony is one of the professional wedding DJs here at Weddings Parties Entertainment. He has been DJing over 20 years and has quite a long musical history. His musical journey began at young age when he started learning piano from age 6. At 9 years old he took up playing the trumpet and he then went on to join the Victorian state brass band by age 11 and continued until the age of 15. It was around this time he began learning to play guitar and joined a rock band with some friends.

Paul Anthony

wedding dj & mc

Shortly after he discovered the great world of DJing and quickly became the designated DJ for all family events and this sparked his interest to become a full time professional DJ. Once he left high school he started his own DJ company and over the years has trained over 50 DJs and performed at literally thousands of weddings and private events. In recent times Paul has been working as a destination wedding DJ  in Thailand however is now back and residing in his hometown Melbourne. He works as a DJ for Michael King and the Weddings Parties Entertainment team and takes pride in his profession and gives extra care and passion with every event he performs. He can also act as your wedding MC if required. Speak to Michael King if you would like to secure DJ Paul Anthony for your next event.



Charlotte is the Norwegian flavour to our team. With a big appetite for fun and festivity Charlotte is awesome to chat to about ideas for an amazing photo with the Magic Magic Booth. These photos are great to help you remember your evening. Charlotte loves being a part our team, & her aim is to make you and every one of your guests have a spectacular event. When she is not entertaining with us, you will probably find her juggling her hobbies, horse riding, boxing, surfing and Latin dancing.

Heath Little Spence

wedding dj

Having worked numerous clubs around Bendigo and with the WPE team Heath surely knows his place working the decks and bouncing around the booth.

Only positive vibes come from this cool, laid back person who is pretty chill and always ready to PAAARRTTAAAAYYY