smoke machine - dancing on a cloud

Another dance-floor classic that’s sure to add romance and mystery. Create a dreamlike sense of dancing on cloud-tops to cranking up the smoke to let every couple on the dance floor feel they’re drifting in their own private space. The smoke effect in contrast to dry ice can be used more flexibly and more than once in a night to enhance the sense of space in a smaller venue or help to define the dance floor area in a larger room. Our experienced event DJs and MCs use the smoke and lighting effects to bring the magic touch, crafting just the right mood. Sometimes it is all done with smoke and mirrors.

The type of smoke that is emitted is generally warmer, meaning that the smoke raises quickly. This will often set off fire alarms within your venue and may cause some guests to cough. If this is your preferred effect, you must advise your venue, where they will generally charge a large fee to isolate the alarm during your first dance. Further to this, the smoke isn’t as thick and won’t fill the room up as much.

Please note, some venues will preclude a smoke machine being used.