Dancing on a Cloud – The Ultimate Dry Ice Experience

If you have been to a wedding in the last 25 years or watched a talent show, such as X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, or any of the Idol shows in the last 10 years you will know exactly what this effect is.

I could even be tongue in cheek and say if you have ever had to walk in Melbourne in the early mornings of winter you have experienced this effect.

Floor hugging clouds will swarm across the dance area creating a feeling of “Dancing on a Cloud”. Imagine how good you will look as you and your new partner glide over the cloud seamlessly. It is also fantastic in covering up any not so confident dancing or footwork. This will not happen if you have taken advantage of our FREE dance lessons from our preferred partners. Your photographs of your first dance, will look magical, even fairy tale like and your special moment as husband and wife will be a talking point for many years to come.

Your cloud will last your first dance, the stunning effect will last the event and the magic moment will be remembered for a life time.

How many weddings have you been to that have had the dancing on a cloud effect??? Make your first dance even more special, unique and memorable ….

Please click the video to see this effect